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What are the sewer rates and/or how is my sewer bill calculated?

Click here to display the ordinance regarding Sewer Service Charges.

My residence is on a septic system and I am being charged for sewer. Why?
When public sewer becomes available to property, a connection to the sewer is required. The property owner is responsible for making application and acquiring proper permits to connect to public sewer. The property owner is also responsible for the cost and installation of the private sewer service line. (The portion of line between the house and the public sewer is the private sewer service line.) Inspection, installation and connection fees may be applicable at the time of permit issuance. 

Can I connect to public sewer?
Customers will need to provide information regarding the property address and owner's name. Our personnel will determine if sewer is available to the property. If sewer is available, permit fees will be calculated and a permit can be issued for the connection. For more information, please contact us.

Can you locate and mark the sewer lines on my property?
We will locate and mark main public sewer lines only. Private service lines (the portion of sewer line between the structure and the public sewer main) will not be located or marked by Wastewater personnel. Information on the location of private service lines is not on file at our office. You may want to contact a plumber for assistance in locating the private service lines on your property. Please contact us with details of the work being done or the affected area.

My sewer line is leaking or needs to be repaired. What is required?
Contact us to obtain a sewer repair permit. The repair or installation of a new line is the responsibility of the property owner and must be installed according to code requirements. An inspection is required prior to covering the new or repaired line. Owners hiring plumbers to correct such problems must insure the proper permits have been obtained prior to beginning any line repairs or replacements.

I am having sewer problems. What do I need to do?
Call (931) 560-1001. At the menu prompt, select the option for "Sewer Emergencies".
Maintenance personnel are available 24 hours a day. Your call will be forwarded to a voicemail box where you will be asked to provide information about your sewer problem. Please include your name, address, phone number and brief details about the problem. The phone system will automatically contact the person on call and they will be provided with your recorded information. We will check the main sewer at no charge to the resident. Our maintenance crews will correct any problems with the main sewer. If the main sewer is working properly and a sewer problem is still present, the property owner may be advised to contact a plumber at his/her own expense.

Trash 'em Don't Flush 'em

What does FOG stand for? Fats, Oils, and Grease. These substances create a huge problem for your sewer pipes. Click on FOG Program page to learn more.

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