City Increases Bond Rating to a AA+

City Improves Credit Rating with a New AA+ Rating
Posted on 01/24/2017

The City of Columbia is pleased to announce the city's recently upgraded credit rating to a AA+ by international Standards and Poor's (S&P) credit rating agency. S&P is one of three major internationally recognized credit rating agencies. The new rating marks the city's highest credit rating historically

The new rating is a positive statement of the city's credit worthiness, improved economic conditions, strong financial management and planning, the City Council’s commitment to financing municipal operations and capital needs, and positive residential and commercial growth trends in the city and region as specified in a Rating Report by S&P.

The AA+ rating is one level higher than the city's previous Moody's Investors’ Service rating of Aa2 and only one level below S&Ps highest possible AAA rating.

For more on the new rating and the positive impact the bond rating has on the city's financial position, see today's column in the Columbia Daily Herald at