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Through sound purchasing policies and procedures based upon laws and high ethical standards that promote public confidence and trust in government, procure goods and services at the right time, at the right place and at the right price for all City Departments.


To know and become acquainted with the needs of all departments.

To procure a product or service that will meet the department’s requirements and is the best value to the City.

To know the sources and availability of needed products.

To provide guidance through policies and training, and be a source of information to all departments in meeting their purchasing needs.

To maintain good vendor relations.

To inform department staffs of market changes, new products and other such factors.

To exchange ideas and information with other public purchasing agencies in an effort to solve common problems.

To develop standardized specifications for use by all departments, improve the purchasing practices, and apply them when feasible.

To understand legal procurement laws

Fore more information, see the City of Columbia Purchasing Policy.


   Kim Dale, Purchasing Agent

700 North Garden Street
Columbia TN 38401

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