City of Columbia Awarded Block Grant Funds

City of Columbia Awarded Block Grant Funds
Posted on 10/24/2019
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Columbia is among 66 communities that were chosen to receive Community Development Block Grant funds recently approved by Governor Bill Lee and ECD Commissioner Bob Rolfe. With over $26.7 million in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) awarded to assist communities with infrastructure improvements, housing rehabilitation and health & safety initiatives, Columbia has been awarded $150,335 for a transportation shelter project.
This City of Columbia project is designed to provide at least 7 transportation shelters at key trolley stops in the city. The shelters, as proposed, will include covered seating and a call box for residents to contact first responders if needed. The project also adds a stop to the existing trolley line passing through downtown Columbia at Fairview Park & Community Center.
“The city of Columbia is grateful for this important grant. We talk a lot about the importance of public transportation and how it impacts local transportation issues, such as our downtown parking problem, and then on a more regional level as well.  This grant will allow us to promote increased public transportation participation and awareness, all across our city. We are also pleased that this grant was the result of yet another partnership with the South Central Tennessee development district, who worked closely with city staff in writing the application and administering the project."
The CDBG program is funded through HUD and administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development. Funds are available for water and sewer improvements and new extensions, housing rehabilitation and health and safety projects. The grant funds are part of the Community Development Block Grant “Small Cities” program, the city having applied under the health and safety category. 
“This transportation shelter project will promote multimodal transit through improvements in accessing the Muletown Trolley,” stated Chief Financial Officer & Assistant City Manager Thad Jablonski. “Constructing the shelters with a new stop at Fairview Park also ensures increased access to city programs, public facilities and private businesses while providing a safe and attractive place to wait for public transit.”