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Food Service Establishment (FSE) Registration & FOG Permit Renewal Form

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  2. Confirmation will be sent by email.
  3. Complete even if same as Street Address.
  4. Was a previous business located at this address?*
  5. North American Industry Classification System( NAICS) Class
    Food Service Establishments are classed as defined by NAICS. For more information, the official U.S. Government web site is
  6. Days of Operation*
  7. Equipment Information*
  8. Do you have a grease interceptor or grease trap installed?*
  9. Enter number of Gallons or Pounds, then select the measurement type shown. If no interceptor or trap is installed, enter 0 here then select N/A for measurement type.
  10. Measurement Type*
  11. Do you have tools to remove the interceptor or trap lids?*
  12. Will a member at your establishment be available during business hours to open the access lid(s) to the grease interceptor and/or trap?*
  13. Do you use maintenance logs?*
  14. Are oil & grease emulsifiers being used?*
  15. Use this space to add any comments you find may be helpful to us in reviewing this information. Thank you!
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