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Connect Columbia Public Forum Survey

  1. Transportation Project Type Ranking


    Reduce the number of fatal and severe incidents amongst all modes of transportation by identifying safety concerns and implementing countermeasures on existing infrastructure.

    • Warning signage
    • Roadway markings
    • Street lighting
    • Roadway alignment and geometry


    Congestion / Capacity

    Reduce travel delays caused by typical sources of congestion, which typically are caused by wrecks, weather, traffic demand, intersections, access points, and bottlenecks.

    • Auxiliary turn lanes
    • Widening/additional lanes
    • Reduction and consolidation of access points and cross access
    • Signal coordination and technology improvements



    Improvements to the roadway cross section to add or improve sidewalks and multi-modal facilities, provide pedestrian facilities at intersections, and connect pedestrian generating destinations.

    • Construct new sidewalks
    • Greenways, shared-use paths, and multi-modal paths
    • Improve existing facilities to be ADA compliant



    Add and improve bike lanes, signage, and multi-modal facilities to promote and facilitate cycling as a mode of transportation

    • Add bike lanes
    • Greenways, shared-use paths, and multi-modal paths


    Streetscape / Beautification

    Improve the aesthetics and ancillary features of the roadway to promote economic growth and citizen well-being.

    • Decorative lighting
    • Landscaping
    • Street trees
    • Non-standard roadway features (pavers, stamped concrete, art features, signage, etc.)


    Transit (Bus, Rail, etc.)

    • Shelters and stops
    • Improve and increase transit routes and frequency
    • Provide increased service area
    • Provide commuter rail facilities
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