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City Employee of the Month Nomination Form


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    2. Did you receive great service from a City of Columbia employee? Would you like to nominate them for employee of the month? The City accepts nominations for the Employee of the Month (EOM) Program on an ongoing basis, encouraging Columbia residents and City departments to nominate employees whose contributions to the organization, citizens, and businesses go above and beyond, the employee's regular work duties.
      • Nominations are for individual city employees (not groups) and no contract employees. 
      • No employee whose status is pending or undergoing disciplinary action shall be nominated. 
      • Performance should be "above and beyond" what is normally expected in the day to day performance of job duties. Areas that would be included in “above and beyond” would be things like showing initiative, providing positive interaction with customers or other employees, high productivity or quality work, and/or providing City savings.
      • Those who are awarded Employee of the Month are ineligible to win the award again
        for one calendar year.
      • This nomination form must be filled out completely, including the section providing accomplishments (minimum of at least one area is required for consideration).
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