Can I get help with completing the online application?

For assistance with your employment application, call Human Resources at 931-560-1570 or visit us on the 2nd floor of City Hall at 700 N Garden St, Columbia, TN 38401.

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1. I don't have a computer, how can I apply for a job?
2. Can I get help with completing the online application?
3. How do I find out what jobs are available?
4. An email address is required, what if I don't have an e-mail address?
5. What if I'm interested in a position that is not currently listed?
6. Who will see my application if I submit it on your website?
7. Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
8. I missed the deadline. Can I still apply?
9. Can I apply and send my resume via email?
10. Do I have to fill out an application?
11. Will I automatically be considered for other positions once I have submitted my application?
12. How will I know that the City has successfully received my online application?
13. How can I add additional employment or education entries?
14. How do I change my address, phone, or email information?
15. Is this a secure site?
16. What do you mean by closing date?
17. What do you mean by open until filled?
18. What is the selection process?
19. How do I save my application?
20. How do I submit a resume?
21. How much employment history should I include in my application?