The Columbia Architectural Design Review Team will meet on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. in Conference Room A on the basement level of City Hall, 700 N. Garden Street to consider the following:


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes


Old Business


New Business


22-0119 - 2008 Main Street - Modify Façade Of Existing Building

Request from Richard Thompson on behalf of Ritco Group, Inc for façade modifications at 2008 S. Main Street.


22-0119_Staff Report


22-0124 - 915 S. Garden Street - Modify Façade Of Existing Building

After-the-fact request from Bobby Bishop to modify the façade of an existing commercial building at 915 S. Garden Street.


22-0124_Supporting Documentation


22-0124 Staff Report


22-0128 - 400 Bear Creek Pike - Proposed Commercial Building in Planned Unit Development

Request from Greg Gamble on behalf of Big Bear Bluffs LLC for approval of commercial facades which are proposed as part of a larger mixed-use Planned Unit Development located on Tax Map 90 Parcels 16 and 12.01 at approximately 400 Bear Creek Pike. 


22-0128_Supporting Documentation


22-0128_Staff Report


22-0137 - 1002 Carmack Blvd - Modify Façade of Existing Building

Request from Chet Rhodes on behalf of Gholamreza Ebrahimzadeh to modify the façade of a structure at 1002 Carmack Blvd in order to covert the space from a day care to a tire shop.


22-0137_Supporting Documentation


22-0137_Staff Report


22-0139 - 376 Bear Creek Pike - Add Covered Porch to an Existing Building

Request from Cindy Lou Peowski to remove a previously approved and partially constructed pergola and add a covered porch to an existing structure at 376 Bear Creek Pike


22-0139_Staff Report


22-0140 - 1706 Wedgewood Drive - Modify Façade Of Existing Building

Request from George Nuber to modify the facade of an existing office building located at 1706 Wedgewood Drive.


22-0140 Staff Report


22-0142 - 5000 Trotwood Avenue - New Commercial Façade

Request from Bhavin "Bobby" Patel for design review of a new retail strip center located at 5000 Trotwood Avenue


22-0142_Staff Report



Anyone requesting accommodations due to disabilities should contact the City's ADA Coordinator at 931-560-1570 prior to the meeting.

The 2022 meeting schedule can be found on the City of Columbia Architectural Design Review Team webpage

For other questions, please contact the Department of Development Services at  931-560-1560.