The Columbia Historic Zoning Commission will meet on Thursday, March 10th, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the basement level of City Hall, 700 N. Garden Street to consider the following:


Roll Call


Approval of Minutes


22-0038 - 408 W 6th Street - Revisions to Accessory Structure Design

Request from Paul Varney to revise designs for construction of principal and accessory structures at 408 W 6th Street, including roof structure, exterior finishes, porch/deck alterations, and other alterations.


22-0039 - 120 W 7th Street - Façade Improvements

Request from James Sloan for exterior alterations in order to restore the façade of a contributing structure located at 120 W 7th Street



Anyone requesting accommodations due to disabilities should contact the City's ADA Coordinator at 931-560-1570 prior to the meeting.

The 2022 meeting schedule and Historic District Design Guidelines can be found on the City of Columbia Historic Zoning Commission webpage

An interactive map showing the boundaries of the historic districts can be found accessed from the City's website.

For other questions, please contact the Department of Development Services at  931-560-1560.