The Columbia Municipal Planning Commission will hold a meeting on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 at 4:00 P.M., Council Chambers in the basement of City Hall, 700 N. Garden Street, to consider the following items of business


Welcome of Visitors/Rules of Conduct


Review of Bonds and/or Letters of Credit.


Acknowledgement of Official Communications of the Columbia City Council on annexation and zoning.


Approval of Minutes

Approval of minutes from December 8, 2021 meeting of the City of Columbia Municipal Planning Commission.


21-0150 - Final Plat Approval of Polk Place 2B Subdivision

Request from John Franks for Final Plat approval of Polk Place 2B subdivision off Theta Pike with surety in the amount of $56,000.


21-0240 Final Plat approval of Independence Subdivision Phase 2 Section 3

Request from T-Square Engineering for Final Plat approval of Independence Subdivision Phase 2 Section 3 off Carters Creek Station Road with surety in the amount of $372,000.


21-0257 Access Management Exception

Request from Phillip Evers for access management exception at 109 Lee Drive.


21-0260 Minor Plat Within a Planned Unit Development at Halcyon Way

Request from Teresa Beck to approve a minor plat at Halcyon Way within a Planned Unit Development.  


21-0262 Multifamily Site Plan

Request from Eddie Campbell for multifamily site plan approval at 1008 Beckett Street being Tax Map 100E Group A Parcel 12.00.


21-0265 Rezone Properties off Pulaski Highway

Request from Crunk Engineering to rezone properties off Pulaski Highway being Parcels 80 and 80.37 from Tax Map 113 and a portion of Parcel 80.47 from Commercial to High Density Residential and Mixed Residential Commercial. 


21-0268 Rezone Property at 210 Rutherford Lane

Request from K2 Development to rezone property at 210 Rutherford Lane being Tax Map 112 Parcel 3.00 from high density residential and commercial to low density residential. 


21-0271 Access Management Exception

Request from Larry Owens for access management exception at 417 and 419 East 9th Street.


21-0273 Review and Recommendation of New Columbia Development Code

Request from Development Services for review and recommendation of a new Columbia Development Code. Throughout 2020 and 2021 Development Services staff and consultant Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative (TPUDC) worked on a draft of a new Zoning Ordinance to better implement the City of Columbia Comprehensive Plan, Connect Columbia. Staff and TPUDC engaged citizens and stakeholders through "Planapalooza" and other outreach. The Planning Commission heard additional stakeholder concerns at the December 8, 2021 meeting. The Commission deferred consideration of the draft to the current agenda so that staff could respond to these concerns and direct the consultant to update the draft. Staff requests that the Commission review the draft Ordinance and recommend adoption to the City Council. 

Draft Zoning Districts Map

Video of September 14, 2021 Public Discussion of the Draft Code


Other Business

Anyone requesting accommodations due to disabilities should contact the City's ADA Coordinator at 931-560-1570 prior to the meeting.

The 2022 meeting schedule can be found on the City of Columbia Municipal Planning Commission webpage

The city's comprehensive plan, Connect Columbia can be found on the Planning & Zoning webpage.

For other questions, please contact the Department of Development Services at  931-560-1560.