Emergency Action Plan Siren System


The City of Columbia Wastewater Treatment Facility has implemented an Emergency Action Plan. This includes a two-fold siren system. It will warn of an incident within our facility as well as a warning for inclement weather in our area. 

One long continuous sound is for an emergency within the plant. An intermittent sound is for any weather-related incident (tornadoes, storms etc.) This siren will be tested every first Wednesday of the month at approximately 3:00 PM.

There are websites that you can sign-up on. These sites will give you warnings through your mobile phone if inclement weather conditions exist.

Sign up for alerts using the Hyper Reach alert system. There are 2 ways to sign up for Hyper Reach alerts:

  1. The City of Columbia Tennessee web page
  2. Scan the QR code below                                                                                                          Hyper Reach QR Code