Zoning Administrator's Interpretations

This official record of interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance is provided here for public inspection in compliance with §8.5.2.E of the Ordinance. 

As authorized by § 8.5.2.C (p. 401), these interpretations are provided upon request, or at the initiative of the Zoning Administrator, for the purpose of providing clarification to property owners and improving administration of the Ordinance. Capitalized terms are defined in § 9.3 of the Ordinance. The Zoning Administrator’s interpretations may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals per §8.5.17 of the Ordinance.

Interpretations are listed in reverse chronological order. Topics are identified in the title. Where ambiguity existing in the meaning of any provision of the Ordinance, these interpretations shall apply. Interpretations which become obsolete due to Zoning Text Amendments adopted by the City Council shall be removed from the record. Superseding alternative interpretations by the Board of Zoning Appeals will be noted here.