Retail Recruitment

It is important for Columbia to have a strong retail sector to help boost the local economy, create jobs, improve the quality of life for residents, and attract new residents. A vibrant retail scene can also make a city more attractive to tourists and businesses. Retail recruitment is an important part of Columbia's economic development strategy. By attracting and retaining qualified retail employers, Columbia can help to create a vibrant and prosperous economy.

Within the Primary Retail Trade Area, there is a population of over 152,993 and approximately 58,000 households. Retail is booming in Columbia and the Primary Retail Trade Area population grew by more than 31% since the 2010 census. From retail developments like the Columbia Mall and The Shoppes at Neely's Mill to neighborhood shopping centers like Shops at Creekside Place, there are a variety of places for retailers to call home.

Columbia Consumer Demand Supply

Community Retail Profile

Key Statistics for The City of Columbia

     • Population: 152,993

     • Projected Growth 2022-27: 6.52%

     • Growth 2010-2022: 31.4%

     • Households: 57,999

     • Projected HH growth 2022-27: 6.15%

     • Growth 2010-2022: 30.5%

     • Average Age: 39.5

     • Median HH Income: $62,828

     • Average HH Income: $78,956

Custom Trade Area Demographics (2022)

15-Minute Drive Time Demographics from Walmart

For assistance in locating your business in Columbia, contact Assistant City Manager Thad Jablonski or the city’s retail agent, Portfolio Manager with Retail Strategies, Mil Graves.