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The implementation section of Connect Columbia emphasizes that all updates to the plan should involve robust citizen participation. The document directs the Planning Commission and professional staff to seek specific input from various groups, including property owners, neighborhood groups, civic leaders, developers, business owners, and other citizens and individuals who express an interest in the long-term growth and development of the city. 

The success of the plan depends on you!

The Comprehensive Plan reflects the community's vision for the future. Unlike the strategic plan, which establishes City Council's priorities for the city as an institution, Connect Columbia is an expression of the community's policy preferences related to growth and development. The quality of the plan depends on individuals and groups expressing their preferences related to the character of the city over the next five to twenty-five years. 

Opportunities to Participate

  • We need your input on each element of Connect Columbia. If you didn't have an opportunity to attend the Public Forums, please provide your suggestions through the online surveys:
    • Parks & Greenways: complete the survey to identify priorities for parks and greenways. CLOSED - Thank you to all who responded!
    • Transportation: rank your priorities for improvements to the city's transportation network over the next 5 -20 years. CLOSED - Thank you to all who responded!
  • Please check this page often for updates about public forums and other events. 
  • Complete the questionnaire below to share sign up for updates and share your thoughts about the future of the city in general.
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Connect Columbia Quinquennial Update - Interest Form

  1. How would you like to participate?
  2. Please let us know what topics you would most like to see addressed in the Connect Columbia update (e.g. connectivity, arts & culture, residential diversity, commercial development, etc.). This will help us prepare for productive public forums.

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