Connect Columbia Steering Committee

In 2017, an advisory steering committee was asked “How would you connect Columbia?” Their answers are reflected in Connect Columbia, the city’s current comprehensive plan. The quinquennial review and update process began with the formation of a committee similar to the 2017 advisory committee. The Planning Commission first identified a diverse group to represent the varied interests and perspectives of the community. Then the chairman of the Planning Commission invited theses individuals to assist in the preparation of the plan. 

Steering Committee members advise city staff working on the plan and act as ambassadors to the broader community. The committee is comprised of fifteen individuals who have volunteered to act as a focus group providing direction throughout the update. Two individuals also served in 2017. The role of the steering committee is to provide high-level guidance. The steering committee ensures that the plan makes sense both inside and outside of City Hall. With their help, the Planning Commission will craft a plan that ensures development over the next five-to-twenty years benefits all residents of the city.

The members of the committee - listed below - are diverse. They come from all parts of the city's Urban Growth Boundary. They are male and female, black and white. The youngest is a high school student; several possess decades of wisdom and experience. Together they represent the community's major institutions, as well as entrepreneurs and engaged citizens. The committee includes life-long residents of Columbia, as well as relative newcomers. These individuals reflect Columbia's strengths, as well as the community's unique character.

Rose Rainey moved to Columbia in 2002 from Houston, Texas where she worked in the oil industry. Once she settled to the slower pace of life, she and others founded the local community bank called Heritage Bank and Trust. Rose has roots in Columbia as a local investor, real estate agent, and small business owner. Her priorities for Connect Columbia encompass future residential development and business growth, while maintaining Columbia charm and reserving adequate greenspace.

The Steering Committee Identified Goals and Values During the First Work Session

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