Mini-RC WinterJAM


Big Time Fun, Mini-RC Races!

Come one, come all mini-RC race fans - this is the venue, track, and race you have been waiting for! All skill and interest levels are welcome for this inaugural event at Fairview Recreation Center (871 Iron Bridge Road) in Columbia, TN. This pint sized, 1/16th scale (and smaller), derby will be held on Saturday, January 28th from 11:30 am until 4:00 pm.

This competition will be held as three qualifying races and one main event per class - classes are brushless, brushed, and open. Participants and class winners will be entered in a drawing for multiple 1/16 Mini JRX2 Buggy’s. A limited number of rental cars will be available for no fee and there is no registration fee to enter the event.

For more information please contact Daniel Walls at


Rules and Regulations

1. This is a “Mini” 1/16th scale and smaller event, no other cars are permitted;

2. Electric motors only, no gas engines of any kind will be permitted;

3. Registered cars will be subject to inspection and review upon arrival;

4. Classes will be brushless motor, brushed motor, and beginner fun run (open to all cars under ~1/10th scale);

5. Qualifying and main race winners are determined by number of laps completed in five minutes;

6. Each registrant will participate in three qualifying races. Single highest lap count will be used to determine qualification and starting position in that classes main race;

7. All registrants must serve as turn marshalls for the subsequent race to their own;

8. All registrants must attend racer’s meeting at 11:30am;

9. Tables, chairs, and extension cords will be provided and assigned for each registrant;

10. Malicious driving, rule breaking, or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will lead to immediate disqualification as determined by race officials.

Event Schedule

Venue Open and Practice…..10:00-11:15 am  Check-in and pit setup. Track and facility is open to ride as much as you’d like. Please be courteous of other racers.

Racer’s Meeting….…………..11:30-11:45 am  Discuss rules and regulations including qualifying and main races; Discuss prize drawing; Question and Answer session as needed.

Round One Qualifiers….........……....12:00 pm

Round Two Qualifiers…......……………1:00pm

Round Three Qualifiers...………………2:00pm

Main Event Races……………...……….3:00pm

Awards after conclusion of Main Event Races.