Mobile Vending

Mobile vending is considered any temporary activity and/or apparatus from which the operator prepares, assembles, or displays with the intent to sell such items to the general public (excluding produce stands). 

Mobile Vendors shall be permitted as a Temporary Use on private property within the CD-4, CD-4C, CD-5, SD-LI and SD-HI Zoning Districts. In order to maintain the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the City’s roadways, mobile vendors shall not be permitted to set up for service or conduct business on any public Right-of-Way. The only exception shall be within the CD-5 District, a special event that includes full or partial street closures, or mass gathering permits sanctioned by the City.

  1. The following standards also apply:
    1. A plot plan with a $50 fee shall be required to be submitted with the Temporary Use Permit showing: the location of the vending area, the location of the site access points/driveways, the number of parking spaces that are being occupied by the temporary use, and any other necessary information, as determined by the Development Services Department
    2. Access, ingress, egress, and interior vehicular or pedestrian circulation on the private property shall not be impeded.
    3. The primary use on site shall maintain an adequate parking supply after the temporary use site area.
    4. A written and signed agreement from the property owner granting permission for the temporary use of the property, which shall include a provision for the usage of on-site restroom facilities when tables and/or chairs are incorporated.
    5. Trash receptacle of adequate size shall be provided by the vendor.
    6.  All signage shall be on located on the mobile vending apparatus.
    7. With the exception of special events, vending shall only take place in conjunction with a primary structure and/or on a hard surface conforming to Section 4.3.12.C-7 with an approved driveway entrance.
    8. With the exception of special events, the vending apparatus shall only be allowed on a parcel of land four (4) consecutive days within a seven day time period.
  2. Within the CD-5 District on a case by case basis Food Trucks may be permitted in the Right of Way under the following guidelines and the criteria which shall be reviewed for approval by the City Planner:
    1. Provisions from Section 4.3.9.E.6.x(3) of the Columbia Zoning Code.
    2. Location and time of service clearly outlined on the permit.
    3. Only one parking space as assigned by the City Planner shall be occupied being no more
      than nine feet wide by 24 feet long and shall be removed from the space each day.
    4. The use shall be fulfilling a lack in culinary diversity within the area as to not directly compete
      with area brick and mortar stores.

Mobile vending regulations are located in Section 4.3.9.E.6 of the Columbia Zoning Code. 

Mobile Vending Documents