GIS Mapping

The Development Services Department manages certain Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data sets for the City of Columbia and produces maps for the benefit of public. The City of Columbia works with other local, state, and federal agencies to aggregate and produce the most accurate mapping we can. For instance, the City of Columbia receives parcel data, addresses, and streets datasets from Maury County.

Public Maps

Managed Data

  • Zoning
  • City Limits
  • Historic Districts
  • Arts District
  • Wards
  • Urban Growth Boundary
  • Comprehensive Plan - Future Land Use
  • Street Classification
  • Pavement Condition
  • Street Ownership/Maintenance
  • Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Streams and Stream Assessments
  • FEMA Special Flood Hazard Areas
  • LIDAR and Terrain Data
  • Aerial Photography

Request GIS Data

The City makes available certain data sets for a fee covering the cost to extract and format the data. Please fill out the GIS Data Request Form.