Macedonia Recreation Center

Come and relax at Macedonia with your family and friends!

Have a great time at Macedonia Recreation Center with our fully air-conditioned gymnasium, outdoor playground equipment, and spacious kitchen. A popular destination for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball - Macedonia has been the training grounds of youth and adults alike. With this multi-purpose facility available for various types of community rental, you can hold your tournaments, trainings, even birthday parties and family reunions in this comfortable, clean, and safe environment.

Check out what we have to offer!

Macedonia Recreation Center has hosted a great number of programs throughout the years and served the community with various sports and fitness activities. We are constantly looking to enhance our programs and offerings at this location so please check our schedule below for the daily gym schedule!

12:00 PM  to 1:00 PM Pickleball Adult Basketball Pickleball Adult Basketball
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Pickleball Pickleball Pickleball Pickleball
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM Youth Basketball Youth Basketball Youth Basketball Youth Basketball

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