Public Works ADA Updates

Areas to Be AddressedCodes
Tactile signs not braille703.2
Tactile sign on restrooms in wrong location703.4
Locker room bench does not abut wall or have back903
Restroom signs wrong location and not in braille703.4
Restroom coat hook too high603.4
Grab bars wrong location in men's room604.5
Toilet paper holder in wrong location (women's)604.7
No door pull on restroom stall604.8
Parking stall sign too low502.6
Parking stall slope too steep502.4
Disabled stall sidewalk ramp does not have flairs406.3
Restroom door less than 18 inches from edge of door with no obstruction404.2
Restroom clear floor space at fixture604.3
Flush controller on wrong side604.6