Records Division

The Columbia Police Department's Records Division shall be the central repository for original copies of all offense and incident reports, arrest reports, field reports, and other official records. The Records Division shall be the department distribution center and is used to distribute in-coming offense reports, crash reports, traffic summons, and arrest reports. The functional responsibilities assigned to Records Division include report review, report control, records maintenance, and records retrieval.

All requests for records shall be through the Records Division and will be released in accordance with The Tennessee Sunshine Law and Department Policy.

It is the intent of the Columbia Police Department to comply with the Tennessee Open Records Act pertaining to requests for agency records. Requests shall be made through the Records Division.

Police reports that are still under investigation cannot be released until the investigation is complete.

You can obtain a free crash or incident report by calling, faxing, or emailing your request at the number or email listed below, provided they are small reports. For any report larger than 10 pages there is a charge for the reports and must be picked up at the Records Division: