Traffic Division

Division Overview

The traffic division provides and maintains traffic control devices for the safe and orderly movement of vehicles on City streets. This involves the installation of traffic signs and signals, plus the maintenance of visible lane markings and crosswalks.

The City of Columbia signal system consists of 49 signalized intersections with LEDs. Maintenance is a major factor for ensuring the safety of motorists and pedestrians as well as efficiency in travel. The traffic signal technicians are responsible for the installation, operation, and repair of the traffic signals and their associated electronic equipment. These technicians are also responsible for testing all new cabinets and components in the shop before installing it on the street. This is done via one of two test cabinets and our test board inside the shop. We have a preventative maintenance program in place that is ran weekly; this program ensures that each of our signals is checked for any problems once per month. The traffic signal crews are also responsible for all overhead street name markers and signage. Other duties include maintaining a database of equipment repairs, and determining the future operating needs in the area of equipment and supplies.

Signs & Markings

The Sign and Marking crew installs and maintains pavement markings such as:Men in Bucket Truck working on Traffic Signal

  • Raised Pavement Markers (Reflectors)
  • Pedestrian Crosswalks
  • Railroad Crossing Markings
  • School Zones
  • Stop Bars
  • Street Name Markers
  • Turn Arrows
  • White Skip Lines
  • Yellow Striping

The sign crew has a plan in place to replace and upgrade all Stop Signs and Street Name Markers over the next couple of years. The sign crew also cuts and makes our own signs in house with complicated computer software and cutting equipment. The Sign and Marking crew paint approximately 10,000 linear feet of striping per year, 50 turn arrows, and install approximately 400 raised pavement markers. Striping and raised pavement marking decisions are based on inspections during the day and evening hours to determine the visibility and reflectivity of such markings.

Traffic Signal Malfunctions, Striping Problems & Missing Signs

To report traffic signal malfunctions, a problem with striping, a missing stop sign or street marker, call Public Works. A Traffic Signal Technician is also on-call for after-hour problems and emergencies.