The Administrative department at Columbia Fire & Rescue is constantly looking for ways to improve existing services to the citizens and visitors of Columbia. We also monitor suggestions and comments from the public as to services that may be needed in the future.

Fire Related Emergencies

Columbia Fire & Rescue responds to all fire related emergencies within the city limits of Columbia. This includes, but is not limited to, fires involving structures, vehicles, grass, brush, and any other fire deemed a danger to people, property, or the environment. Columbia Fire & Rescue has the following priorities when it arrives on the scene of a fire emergency: 

  1. Rescue. We will attempt the rescue of any occupants that are being threatened by the fire. 
  2. Exposures. We will protect the surrounding property to minimize fire damage to them. 
  3. Confinement. We will confine the fire to the smallest amount of structure possible. 
  4. Extinguishment. Once priorities 1 through 3 are met, we will extinguish the fire. Most of the time, all priorities are carried out at the same time.

Medical First Response

Columbia Fire & Rescue responds to all life-threatening medical emergencies within the city limits of Columbia. Columbia's firefighters are trained and equipped to render life saving aid. We work to complement the efforts of Maury Regional Emergency Medical Services to ensure maximum safety for our citizens and visitors.

Heavy Rescue/Vehicle Extrication

At present, Columbia Fire & Rescue operates two companies equipped with heavy hydraulic rescue equipment. The vast majority of our rescue incidents within the City of Columbia involve people trapped or pinned in automobile accidents. Our scope is not limited to this type of incident. We have been called upon to rescue injured people from the roofs of buildings rescue people trapped or pinned by industrial machinery, and to force entry into buildings where the occupant is unconscious.

Hazardous Materials Emergencies

Columbia Fire & Rescue responds to all reported hazardous materials incidents.

Fire Cause/Origin Determination

Columbia Fire & Rescue strives to determine the cause and origin of all fires reported within the City of Columbia. We do this in an attempt to maximize the safety of our citizens and educate the public in fire causes. With the help of other fire departments across the U.S.A. we have been able to identify consumer products with safety issues and get recalls announced.

Arson Investigation

Columbia & Fire Rescue's Fire Prevention Division investigates all fires determined to be suspicious in nature. Our Fire Prevention Division works hand in hand with the Columbia Police Department's Detective Division to identify and bring any arsonist to justice.

Fire Code Enforcement

Columbia Fire & Rescue's Fire Prevention Division conducts periodic code enforcement inspections to all occupancies except single family residential within the City of Columbia. This division also works with the Columbia Engineering Department to approve construction plans for new construction within the City of Columbia.

Public Education

Columbia Fire & Rescue conducts a wide variety of programs in our community to educate the public in fire and accident prevention. Visit the Public Education page for more details.