Honor Guard

TheUntitled Columbia Fire & Rescue Honor Guard honors those in emergency services with drill and ceremony procedures that represent the discipline required to serve in the fire department. Honor Guard duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Flag presentations at public events, sports venues, graduations, and government meetings
  • Presentations or events that honor the sacrifices of Fire, Police, EMS or Military
  • Wedding ceremonies of active Firefighters
  • Pall Bearers or Honorary Pall Bearers to those with close ties to members of the fire department
  • Funeral details for active or retired Firefighters including Pall Bearers, Flag Folding Ceremony, the Last Alarm and Tolling of the Bell Ceremony
  • Any other activity that requires a fire department liaison

Any request for a Honor Guard appearance can be made by contacting the department at 931-560-1723.