Parks & Recreation ADA Updates

Type of WorkLocationWork Completed
SignageDownstairs fitness center at Armory.N/A
SignagePlayground and Shelters at Woodland ParkOrdered and lines painted
SignageFairview Concession StandN/A
SignageUnnamed new park behind EA. Cox schoolN/A
WalkwaysFairview ParkN/A
WalkwaysCook Park Fields 3 and 4N/A
WalkwaysTennis Courts at Woodland ParkN/A
WalkwaysBallfields behind new unnamed parkN/A
WalkwaysEva GilbertN/A
Ramp InstillationDownstairs fitness center at Armory.Poured in January 2020, waiting on rail arrival and installation.
Door ClosuresVarious sitesN/A
Detectable Warning SignsRidley ParkN/A
ADA AccessibilityFitness Center downstairs ArmoryN/A
ADA AccessibilityRestrooms by tennis courts Woodland ParkN/A
ADA AccessibilityRestrooms at Macedonia CenterN/A
ADA AccessibilityRestrooms at playground at Fairview ParkN/A
Areas to Be Addressed
Door hardware on police annex is too low404.27
Ramp to annex not slip resistant and is too steep3021, 403.3
Ramp handrail not compliant505.10.1
Tactile star on elevator door is missing407.2.3
Tactile sign on restrooms is in wrong location703.4
Restroom door closing too fast40402
Toilet door not self-closing604.8
Parking for annex is not ADA compliant; stall sidewalk ramp does not have level landing4063, 406.4
All floors the countertop depth us not deep enough904.4
Restroom door less than 18" from edge of door with no obstruction404.2
Toe clearance under lavatory in restrooms not met306.3