New Fire Station Design

New Fire Station No. 3 Design
Posted on 12/14/2017

The most recent rendering by the project architect, the Renaissance Group, shows the final design for New Fire Station No. 3. The new three-bay fire station is to be located along Bear Creek Pike/US 412 adjacent to Cox Middle and Howell Elementary Schools. The new fire hall design closely resembles the city’s former City Hall and Fire Station, which was located where the Columbia Police Department and city parking garage sit today.  The project is anticipated to be complete by the beginning of 2019.

The location of the new fire station provides the city with improved coverage and decreased response times, as well as closer proximity to the growing Bear Creek Pike/I-65 Exit 46 area where residential and commercial development continues to rise. With growth increasing in the area, the location of eth new fire station will also help the Columbia Fire Department maintain the department’s ISO 1 fire rating. The highest rating possible, Columbia is one of only two cities in Tennessee with an ISO 1 rated fire department.