Properties for Lease or Sale in the District

This page is intended to help connect local and incoming Artists, Creatives and Arts Industry Businesses with opportunities to access for lease and for sale property located in the City of Columbia Arts District. See below if interesting in listing a property on this page. 

For Lease:

916 S. High Street - "The Rye House"
Corner of W. 9th Street and S. High Street
Contact Owner:

Monica McCready
(931) 388-2031

106 Depot Street
Five (5) Unit Apartment 
Open to Commercial Lease
Contact Owner:
Monica McCready
(931) 388-2031

Columbia Arts Building
307 W. 11th Street

Former industrial warehouse offering artist’s studio space
Contact Owner:

For Sale:

1021 S. High Street
Randal Crowley, Affiliate Broker

1127 S. High Street
Contact Owner:
Donna Manier 

***To list available for lease or for sale properties on this page, email

For more information, use the contact info above to inquire on the properties shown on this page. 

The City of Columbia is not responsible for any transactions or real estate inside of the District.  All for lease or sale properties in the City of Columbia Arts District are subject to change and for lease and for sale at the property owner’s discretion.