Arts & Culture

The City of Columbia is quickly becoming a hot spot for nightlife and an arts and music scene that rivals other cities and has exceptional cultural, artistic, and leisure opportunities that enrich the quality of life, contributing to a vibrant region. 

Arts Council logoA leader in the South Central Tennessee region, Columbia’s arts and culture scene continues to grow, cultivated with the support of a host of non-profit arts organizations, Columbia citizens and the Columbia Arts Council.

Columbia leaders know that arts and cultural investments make cities great places to live, to travel and study, and more attractive for economic development.  Their wisdom has been supported by recent national studies that have found that cities with these types of community and economic benefits instill a greater sense of community 
pride in citizens and promote a distinct sense of place among citizens, business owners and visitors, often resulting in healthier and more robust economic activity.

Columbia's more than 200 year history of Arts & Culture follows from the city and Maury County's historic place as one of Tennessee's Grand Cities - once the third largest and wealthiest statewide with political influence - spanning from the banks of the Duck River in Columbia's historic downtown to the state capitol in Nashville and the nation's capitol, Washington D.C.

The City has established historic zoning overlays to protect historic and cultural assets that includes several distinct neighborhoods that includes the historic downtown commercial district and four residential historic districts. Today, the City of Columbia continues to provide a cultural anchor to pre-Civil War history, Civil War Trails historic sites, arts and culture featuring historic buildings and architecture, structures and landmarks, and ongoing historic preservation initiatives that focus on preserving historic structures near the historic Courthouse Square. 

Most recently, the City created the City of Columbia Arts District where artist live and are relocating in the South Garden/High Street area, immediately adjacent to Downtown Columbia.  For an overview, see this map showing Columbia's arts and 
cultural historic districts in and around Downtown Columbia

On the Arts & Culture webpage and sub-pages, you will find resources for the Columbia Arts & Culture, activities/programs, and key 
Columbia arts and cultural institutions, including the City of Columbia Arts District

For more information, contact Thad Jablonski,
Assistant City Manager and Columbia Arts Council Staff Liaison at (931) 922-8514 or

“Something good around every corner.”

- Columbia, Tennessee motto